Is Bitcoin Still a Good Investment?

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In December 2018, Bitcoin fluctuated around the $3,000-4,000 mark. For those who saw it reach $19,783.21 in December 2017, it can seem like Bitcoin has seen its day. After all, only 12 months has passed and it’s worth a whopping $15,000 or so less.

As fewer people visit their regular Bitcoin exchange and less news features on mainstream media, many people are asking the question: is Bitcoin still a good investment? To the outsider who is watching the figures rise and fall, it can seem like it isn’t. However, it still is, and here’s why.

It’s Almost an Acceptable Mainstream Currency

Bitcoin hasn’t fallen off the radar just yet; it’s still becoming a mainstream form of currency. You can head to your favorite Bitcoin exchange such as CoinSmart, buy as much Bitcoin as you like, then spend it in many outlets around the world. You can’t do the same with most other cryptocurrencies.

Leading companies around the world actively encourage Bitcoin transactions. Microsoft, KFC Canada, Expedia, and are a few of many who open their arms and doors to Bitcoin users. The world is only just getting warmed up.

The Global Economy is Not Looking Healthy

If you follow global news, then you will see tell-tale signs of economic collapse. Political situations are volatile, and more trade wars are taking place. If the everyday person picks up on these frictions, they act. Turning money into physical items is usually the first place to start. Gold will be the first choice, but Bitcoin will follow. It, too, rises in value and takes considerable energy in bringing to life.

People Don’t Think It Is

If investors are not looking at Bitcoin favorably, then it’s your time to head to a Bitcoin exchange and buy up large. If prices are low, and people are pulling their money out left, right, and center, you can take advantage and get it for record low rates. While it’s a risk – with never knowing if it’s going to go up in value – it can pay off if you’re playing the long game.

Bitcoin may not be in the mainstream media as much as it was, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dying fad. Bitcoin is here to stay, but it’s up to the consumer to decide whether they’re wise enough to check out a Bitcoin exchange and invest now.