Best Bitcoin Calculator Tools Online

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While bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are taking the modern world by storm, it doesn’t mean everyone knows exactly how they work. More and more people may be cottoning on to what cryptocurrency is and how it affects our lives, but the volatility of such a currency means the bitcoin to CAD currency exchange rate, among other types of information, can change on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s vital that you not only find a reliable source of information for bitcoin in Canada, but you check that information as often as possible.

To help avid cryptocurrency users, we’ve compiled a list of the best five bitcoin calculator tools online.


CoinSquare is Canada’s leading platform for the secure trading of not only bitcoin, but Ethereum, gold, silver, and more. It can give you up-to-the-minute information on the bitcoin price in Canadian dollars, as well as helping you trade bitcoin within one of the most secure coin management systems.

CoinSquare is a favorite bitcoin calculator and platform among cryptocurrency users in Canada for many reasons, but its low fees are sure to put it at the top of the list. Known for offering some of the most economical trading and transactional fees, it enables you to trade to your heart’s content for as little as 0.1 to 0.4 percent commission.

Bitcoin is growing exponentially, and CoinSquare ensures it caters to both seasoned traders, and beginners. Its platform is easy to use, and it even offers QuickTrade to make the process far more seamless than many others.


CoinDesk can easily be considered a premium directory for cryptocurrency users. Not only does it offer customers a live bitcoin calculator to calculate BTC to CAD, but it can also give you accurate exchange rates for every other currency in the world.

However, the benefits of CoinDesk don’t end there. It also provides updated information on regulated exchanges to buy and sell your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on. This includes CoinBase, BitQuick, CoinCorner, Xapo, and more.  It then lets you know which country the exchange is from, what the exchange is, and what it offers. Essentially, it’s a platform that enables you to make an informed decision for the safe trading of cryptocurrency.

CoinDesk, while beneficial for those looking to buy and sell, is also helpful for traders. You can learn about the best platforms to trade on, as well as where to purchase Hardware Bitcoin Wallets from for bitcoin storage.


GoBitcoin is your go-to platform for all information regarding cryptocurrency. It can convert 1 bitcoin to CDN with a click of the mouse while being able to give you information on real-time transactions as well. If you’re interested in having current information listed on your website, it even allows you to download a Bitcoin widget to do so.


If you’re not sure which cryptocurrency you’d like to invest in, a visit to CryptoCompare is in order. While it’s obvious that bitcoin is leading the way in both profitability and viability, you’re able to make that decision for yourself. It offers real-time exchange rate information of not only bitcoin but Ethereum, Dash, and Zec, as well.

However, there’s more to CryptoCompare than meets the eye. While it’s an effective bitcoin calculator, it is also able to supply you with platforms for buying and selling, information for traders, information and platforms for mining, safe places to spend your cryptocurrency at, a forum for coin discussion, and so much more.

You can simply make an account, read the many helpful guides, and begin learning how to make the most of bitcoin in Canada.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

If you’re new to bitcoin, but you don’t want to be left behind, Buy Bitcoin Worldwide is an exceptional source of information. You can get to grips with the Bitcoin to CAD exchange rate, learn how to avoid scams, learn how to make the most of your buying experience, and in the long run, make money.

There are so many countries involved in the buying, selling and trading of various cryptocurrency; therefore, it can all get very overwhelming for beginners. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide enables you to take it step by step, by first choosing the country in which to wish to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in. You can then select a payment type, learn about the best ways to buy digital currency, and educate yourself on staying safe at the same time.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide also takes it one step further by giving you an opportunity to find out which cryptocurrency wallet is going to suit your needs the next. It’s all well and good buying bitcoin in the first place, but where can you store it safely? There are several different wallet types to suit various traders, buyers, and sellers, and this is the perfect platform to learn on.

There are thousands of websites online that aim to help your cryptocurrency buying, selling and trading experience a good one. However, not all can be trusted. By sticking to well-known and trusted platforms such as CoinSquare, you can be on your way to a safe transaction in no time.